A message from Gary


Welcome to Gary Rom Hair. By visiting the Gary Rom Hairdressing and Gary Rom Haircare websites, you will be able to tap into our world and briefly see what we are about as a company. If you are a current client of the group, welcome! If you have never been to a Gary Rom salon before or never used the Gary Rom Haircare products before, a special welcome to you!

If you were to ask anyone of my staff what the most important thing in the world is to me (apart from family), the answers will all be the same – it is the CONDITION of hair! This is the most important aspect of what we are all about as a company. We will strive at all times, to educate you, the client, to the best of our ability about the condition of your hair.

Our Gary Rom Haircare products have been tried, tested and compared to some of the best products on the market and we can confidently say that we have one of the best products in the market. In 2016 our Cortex Repair shampoo and conditioner won the Glamour Gold Hair Award in the professional product division for the best shampoo and conditioner – a proud moment for Gary Rom Haircare.


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